¡Hola! My name is

Martin Zlámal

What I do

I love modern JS, clever ideas and minimalism. I work with ES2017+ (and Flow and GraphQL) on a daily basis and I really enjoy it. I am also very interested in serverless technologies and that's why this website runs on AWS Lambda environment.

I've started as a PHP programmer 7 years ago and even though I love PHP (and Hack) so much, I do enjoy modern JS environment much more…

What I love

My beats for open-source and testable code. Have a look at my work. This is why I am not looking for a new job - I work for Kiwi.com.

After my studies I decided to travel. You can probably find me somewhere on this planet. Do you want to stay in touch with me? That's great and I really appreciate it! You can write me an email:

[email protected]