¡Hola! My name is

Martin Zlámal

And I love PHP and modern JS!
I am doing it for about 6 years and I really enjoy clean and testable code.
My beats for open-source. Have a look at my work:

As you can see my specialization is Nette Framework and there are also tons of Doctrine ORM stuff or React components. I am also familiar with NoSQL databases like Redis. As a proof look at my public presentations and talks. I just love to learn something new…

Currently I am NOT looking for a new job. I am working for Kiwi.com in the Prague office. My job is to create chatbot with artificial intelligence to help customer support with repetitive tasks. I am also working on GraphQL API proxy. Everything runs on Node.js using serverless technologies (AWS Lambda) and yes - I enjoy it! :)

Do you want to stay in touch with me? That's great and I really appreciate it!

Don't worry, I'll give you my phone number later if you want.

Find more informations about my experiences on my Linkedin. It's great way how to stay in touch if you want.

By the way - this website is also open-sourced.